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About us

Hello we are HarrisonStevens...

Our core values are delivering robust, high quality, cost effective external environments of worth. Places of worth are crafted through excellent design, respond to context and are people focused. Our landscape solutions provide social and economic benefits with an emphasis on wellbeing, while adding ecological and commercial value.

HarrisonStevens Staff


Our projects create unique places of fun, engagement and identity.  They are embedded in the social and cultural history of the place. We are informed by context, natural processes and aspired use.

Our pragmatic, thorough, and enthusiastic culture delivers enduring, sustainable and inspiring landscapes and we aim to be provocative, innovative and visionary. 

We aim to enhance civic vitality, reinforce local distinctiveness, and respond to the character of place.  We offer a platform for communities to be heard, we are good listeners.

We care.  With increasing pressures on our environment, we believe in taking a responsible approach towards protecting our natural resources, conserving energy and promoting biodiversity.  Our high-quality design, detailing and delivered projects seek to minimise long term life cycle costs and in their inherent quality reduce the burden of ongoing maintenance.  Aftercare and longevity are at the forefront of project development, with sustainability at the heart of our principles.


HarrisonStevens have excellent and long-term relationships with our clients.  Your needs are at the forefront of our project delivery.  Our innovative, intelligent and market led approach offers solutions to make best of your project’s bespoke opportunities, resolve challenges and reduce your ongoing project life burden. We believe you will welcome our personable attitude and engaging collaboration.

We are a proactive member of consultant teams, working collaboratively and we value these relationships.  We work closely with experts in their field to deliver a cohesive and integrated approach to place, resulting in memorable environments. 

‘Investment in the landscape makes sound economic sense – the evidence is compelling. When landscape is placed at the heart of the development process a range of economic benefits are delivered for developers, local businesses and communities. Working with the landscape can reduce development costs, optimise development potential and increase the saleability of housing and commercial property...The landscape architecture profession is uniquely positioned to create, for its clients, great places where people feel inspired to live, work and visit’ – Landscape Institute, 2011.

Our Expertise

Our delivered projects demonstrate an extensive knowledge of materials, of both hard and soft landscape.  We have a clear understanding of costs, current and innovative construction techniques and scheduling.

We are leading experts in Green/Blue Infrastructure, Masterplanning, Health, Education, Housing, Squares and Streets, Parks, Play and Leisure, Campus, and Private Gardens.

Who we are

Landscape Architects and Urban Designers HarrisonStevens, formed in June 2010, are an international award winning design practice based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Design, technical delivery and research are at the forefront of our practice.   

We writewe input into news, blogs, reports and author articles and papers, to encourage debate and intelligent discussion.

We presentoften presenting papers at conferences, CPD events, and guest lectures, we hope to inspire others.

We research - we are at the forefront of landscape architecture and urban design and to maintain this position our team are committed to research.   

We teach - HarrisonStevens continue to have good links with Universities through teaching in the design studio and the lecture courses

We encourage - as part of the Landscape Institute’s Ambassadors program we actively promote the Landscape Architect profession at all levels of education.

The South Charlotte Street Studio


Our studio is a place to create and experiment, to come up with new ideas and to test and measure innovation. We centre on project delivery, ensuring consistency in approach with a strong vision and an allocated dedicated team, providing appropriate levels of experience throughout the life of a project.

The practice provides a balance of the many disciplines, with specialists in concept design, urban design, masterplanning, construction, art, and architecture; with dedicated individuals, who excel in taking masterplan and design coding through to detailed design and delivery on site.

HarrisonStevens ensure that every one of our team continue to develop professional skills in design, technology and working methods.  We encourage all to work towards the professional qualifications through the Pathway, mentored by more experienced affiliated members of the team, and supported by the Landscape Institute.